POSH Kerry Renewables—a joint venture between POSH and Kerry TJ Logistics, Asia’s premier logistics service provider—is an integrated solutions provider for the offshore renewables sector.

With a comprehensive suite of supply chain and marine solutions integrated on a single platform, we support our clients’ needs across multiple segments of the offshore renewables project life cycle. The company’s strategic partners include PACC Line and PaxOcean.


Wind Foundation Design and Fabrication

Our wind foundation design and fabrication services are backed by:

  • 70 years of experience in offshore engineering and fabrication
  • More than 25 million ft2 of yard space in Asia


Transportation and Logistics Management

Our expertise in transportation and logistics management is supported by:

  • High-specification vessels designed to undertake the end-to-end transportation of wind turbines and component parts
  • A track record of transporting over 2000 wind turbines across the globe to date
  • 60 years of experience in supply chain and logistics management in Taiwan


Marine Solutions for Installation, 
Operations and Maintenance

We have successfully executed complex offshore energy projects requiring stringent operational and safety standards with:

  • Specialised offshore marine and project management expertise
  • Over 80 vessels and strategic access to third-party assets, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of marine solutions spanning the installation, operations and maintenance phases of offshore wind projects
  • Latest technologies, such as unmanned surface vehicles for survey work, via close partnerships with technology companies


Integrated Solution for Floating Wind Turbine Projects

With a diversified modern fleet and access to third-party assets, POSH is well-positioned to provide turnkey floating wind logistics solutions, thereby enabling our clients to benefit from a single point of contact throughout the entire project life cycle:

1. Planning
• A dedicated project team to support the planning, operations and maintenance stages
• Expert advice on the most suitable and cost-effective mooring layout and mooring equipment
• Assessment of structural properties and metocean conditions

2. Pre-Lay
• Seabed survey and debris removal
• Geotechnical survey via DP2 vessels
• Installation of mooring legs and anchors

3. Tow-Out & Hook-Up

• Transportation and installation support for wind turbines
• Offshore commissioning and ROV, Drone, Survey & Diving support
• Safe personnel transfer via motion compensated gangway

4. Cable Installation (Inter-array)
• Subsea/Construction Vessel with cable laying equipment to install inter-array cables between the turbines and the substation
5. Operations & Maintenance
• Survey of mooring lines, anchor and foundations
• Mooring line replacement
• Foundation disconnection and tow back to port

6. Decommissioning
• Removal of moorings, anchors and subsea equipment at the end of the wind farm's life cycle and transporting these to our certified green recycling yard in Batam, Indonesia


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